Frequently Asked Questions

1Can I be treated if I live outside Lagos State?
Yes, you can be treated if you reside outside Lagos State. You would need to have funds in place to guarantee treatment. This would be either a self funding method or via a recognised insurance company.
2Do I need to have private medical insurance to be treated?
No, you can self fund for treatment. We don’t accept travel insurance. Some insurance companies we require a letter of guarantee and this will need to be presented in advance of treatment. All authorisation numbers need to be given in advance of treatment.
3Can visitors stay overnight?
We don’t offer this facility unless the patient is 16 years or under, they require a translator or need a full time carer.
4Will I need a GP referral?
No, you can self refer, however your insurance company may not authorise payment for your treatment if you self refer. You will have to speak to them to confirm. If they don’t authorise, you will need to self pay.
5Can I smoke in the hospital?
Our no smoking policy applies to all staff, patients and visitors on Hospital premises – both inside and outside. The policy complies with national guidance on smoke-free environments in hospitals.
6How can I book an appointment with a consultant?
Simply email a request for an appointment to and this will be confirmed within one working day. Alternatively you can call our outpatients team on 08031018355. Urgent appointments will be made on the same working day where appropriate.
7How can I check my appointment date and time?
You can ring the hospital receptionist on 08031018355 to check your appointment details.
8What if I can't attend my appointment?
If you can’t attend your appointment you can ring our Outpatient Appointments number 08031018355.
9Is there car parking?
Yes, this is free for all patients and visitors. Overnight car parking is not allowed.
10What time are visiting hours?
We have no set visiting hours, but we’d advise visitors do not plan to visit too early or too late in the day. Patients needs to be well enough and happy to receive visitors.
11What clinical services does the Hospital provide?
Please visit our Service page.
12How can I find a phone number?
Please visit our contact page or ring our switchboard on 08031018355
13How can I apply for a job?
Please visit our Career page.
14How can I make a donation to Cedarcare Foundation?
Please visit Cedarcare Foundation’s website.
15How can I make a comment or complaint?
Whether you are a patient, relative or a visitor to Cedarcare Hospital we hope your experience is positive. We take pride in looking after our patients, endeavour to provide the best levels of care and are continually looking at ways to improve our services and facilities. From our dedicated staff to expert consultants, every effort is made to make their stay safe and as comfortable as possible. We value feedback from patients and regularly monitor our performance and listen to views of those using the Hospital. Where we have not met our usual high standard of care, you may comment or complain by writing or speaking to the Hospital Director at
16General Comments & Suggestions
General comments and suggestions are always welcomed. These can be made by speaking to a member of staff or the Hospital Director at the time of your visit to the hospital, or by using our confidential email service,
17Patient Satisfaction Questionnaires
Patient Satisfaction Questionnaires are available in all wards. Many of the support departments also have questionnaires, Kiosks and feedback forms. External consultants analyse the questionnaires and provide reports to the Cedarcare Hospital.
18Complaints Procedure
We ask that if you do encounter any problems, however small, you tell us. We are continually striving to improve our service and care, and your comments and feedback will help us to do this. If possible, please tell us of your concerns while you are in the Hospital. Each clinical area has a leader. Please ask to speak to them directly – they are always happy to help or Write to the Hospital Director or email her at: Mrs Kemi Olua Cedarcare Hospital Ogombo Road, Off Abraham Adesanya Roundabout Lekki, Eti-Osa LGA Lagos A copy of the Hospital’s complaints procedure is available on request. What happens next? If your complaint is verbal, we try to respond immediately or at least within 24 hours. If your complaint is in writing, the Hospital Director will acknowledge receipt within 2 working days. It may sometimes be possible to answer the complaint within this initial response. We register the complaint onto our complaints database, alert any members of staff involved and commence our investigation. After investigation into the complaint, you will normally be sent a full reply within 20 working days with a full explanation of the results and any details of any action taken as consequence. It can take time to establish the facts and circumstances. If this is likely to take longer than 20 working days the Hospital Director will advise you of this. We meet with any staff concerned and take any remedial action as might be appropriate.
19I can't find my question listed here, what shall I do?
Feel free to email us on or give us a ring on 080 20 7806 4000 for any further questions.

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